Important Unique Features of the Andhra Secretariat

Vastavam web: The Andhra Pradesh state Secretariat and Heads of Departments building complex, foundation for which was laid by Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu at Nelapadu in Guntur district on Thursday, will be one of the largest and tallest commercial buildings in the country at 50-storey tall and 6.9 million sq ft. The new Secretariat Complex is the tallest in India with height of 225 metre. The building is structurally stable and is resistant to earthquakes and high wind speeds.

The structure consists of perimeter frame, has a column-free interior space. It gives more usable area without any obstacles and a beautiful view for high rise towers. It saves considerable amount of structural steel compared with conventional columns. The core of the building consists of all the necessary services needed for the functionality of the building. The building will have a Destination Control System (DCS) for quick vertical transportation. Much consideration was given for safety as per NBC norms. Additionally, helipad is also provided on General Administration Department (GAD) tower, serving as means of evacuation. Top class amenities have been planned, apart from health care facilities in the campus along with fitness centres and sports complex. A total of five towers in the complex are designed, all connected by a three-storey podium at the base.