Maddelacheruvu Suri wife to join YSRCP?

Vastavam web: Seems the wife of deceased A1 criminal Maddelacheruvu Suri in Paritala Ravi’s murder case, Bhanumathi is all set to enter the active Politics post the verdict on the killer Bhanu. The sensational case of Suri’s murder case ended in prison as the culprit got a lifetime jail. Expressing her happiness, Suri’s wife declared that the Justice has been served. Blaming everything on Paritala’s family, Bhanumathi stated that there is a need for her to enter the active Politics in order to save herself from their rivals.

On this regard, Bhanumathi is keen on entering active Politics so she is all set to join the YSRCP which is against her enemy party TDP. The only one best thing, she is doing is making her only son far from this Politics and faction wars by making him stick to the education far from the Andhra Pradesh.Political analysts opine that Jagan despite his interest in giving a ticket to Bhanumathi might think twice as the decision might affect the vote bank.