Janasena Pravasa Gharjana in USA : A grand success

Vastavam web: Initially looking at the timelines I was highly skeptical of many things but the enthusiasm radiated through the social media and the meetings on short notice at various locations including temples brought my fears down yet I didn’t expect things to materialize in such a mega manner filling the entire Toyota Music Factory to its capacity which in my experience has never happened in Telugu event that too at such a short notice especially taking into consideration the volunteers with minimum resources delivered maximum service despite many hurdles.

All bus passengers expressed immense happiness for the cordial, efficient, prompt and polite hospitality and services rendered by the leaders, team members of JanaSena. Everything was on time with good communication and coordination.The food by BiryaniPot and the snacks were delicious and sumptuous.Volunteers went the extra mile to make sure the bus and the facilities provided are clean and hygienic.

Some if not most of the volunteers are new to USA yet they are very knowledgeable, willing to learn from others and efficiently used every technology and opportunity to provide their best to the participants.

There were long lines before the doors opened yet everything flowed smoothly and seamlessly.The programs, the audio visuals and performances by various groups were well planned and executed on time and perfection. Actually I was amazed when the speakers timed so precisely to get Pavan Kalyan to address the JanaSainiks exactly at 9PM. Nadendla Manohar took the stage and explained every single aspect of their meetings with more than 21 dignitaries including PaulRyan and many other departments including treasury. He highlighted the issues taken up during this tour of USA especially the H1B problems facing the youth from Telugu states and India in general.

He explained how Janasena wants to influence the PMO’s office in Delhi to address the issue to remedy the uncertainty amongst Indian youth. It sounded as if he covered everything until Pavan Kalyan spoke and explained with passion and agony about what and how.