Eleven people died, more than 90 fall sick after consuming temple food in Karnataka

Vastavam web: Eleven people including two children died and more than 90 were hospitalised after consuming a religious food offering at a temple in Karnataka, police said on Saturday, calling it a suspected case of mass food poisoning. Two people have been questioned in connection with the incident on Friday, after devotees fell ill when they ate tomato rice at a Hindu temple. Many people are still being treated for vomiting, diarrhoea and respiratory diseases. “We have sent the organs of the dead people and the poisoned food to the forensic laboratory,” Geetha MS, a senior police officer in the Chamarajanagara district where the temple is located, told Reuters. “Only after receiving the report can we say what went wrong.”

In 2013, 23 school children died in Bihar in one of the worst outbreaks of mass food poisoning in the country. Police had suspected that it was caused by cooking oil that had been kept in a container previously used to store pesticide. The Karnataka government would provide financial assistance of 500,000 rupees ($6,953.14) to the families of each of the dead, according to media reports.