Movie Review: Subrahmanyapuram

RATING: 2.75/5

OVERVIEW: Karthik ( Sumanth ) is an atheist , but by profession does research on ancient temples. Karthik visits an ancient subramanya swami temple located in a village named Subramanyapuram. By the time Karthik enters, the villagers are traumatized with a series of suicides. Police, village head and villagers believe it is God’s wrath on them for their wrong deeds, and take no action. Karthik suspects some foul play and starts investigating the suicides. Rest of the film is about how Karthik finds the root cause, how he fights it out!

REVIEW: Sumanth has picked an age-appropriate proper role. That is half job done, and the rest is done by not going overboard and conveying the emotions accurately. It is only when he gets into the masala hero mode that some awkwardness is visible in body language and posture. But, that is alright.

The major drawback of Subrahmanyapuram is that the film gives a dejavu feeling of Nikhil’s 2014 hit supernatural thriller, Karthikeya. Starting from the beginning, the entire screenplay of Subrahmanyapuram, including hero’s characterization and the climax twist, is heavily influenced by Karthikeya. This predictability hampers what could have been a riveting experience. After an intriguing first act, the film runs at a slow pace until the suspense-filled interval. The mysterious suicides get repetitive after a point. Sumanth’s role is quite passive in the first half as he does not have much to do.

Director Santhossh Jagarlapudi will associate good job in his debut. He chooses a awfully acquainted story and additionally runs it on a predictable setup. However, he manages to take care of the intrigue consider the half with some attention-grabbing twists.

The film’s production values square measure adequate. Sekhar Chandra’s background score and a few of situational songs square measure spectacular. tricks in some night sequences is kind of sensible, however enough care ought to are taken in a number of the indoor scenes. There square measure a few of lackluster scenes within the half that might are altered out.

Final verdict of the film is Subrahmanyapuram is a passable mystery thriller which has some decent thrills. However, the audience has to patiently wait until the pre-interval sequence to experience the actual drama. The film is clearly aimed at the A center and multiplex audience and will please their sensibilities.