Movie Review: Kavacham

RATING: 2.75/5

OVERVIEW: Vijay (Bellamkonda) is a young police officer. He is strict, honest cop. One day, his mother lands in a medical emergency and he needs to arrange huge money in 24 hours to save his mother. His insurance money doesn’t cover the expenses. By playing a kidnap drama with Samyukta (Mehreen), he gets the money. What he doesn’t expect that the villain gang would play the same trick to incriminate him in the kidnap case. How this young cop proves his honesty is the rest of the drama?

REVIEW: Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas is sincere in whatever he does. It shows on screen, and that is the only positive aspect of his presence on screen. There is a tinge of innocence in whatever he does along with a show of hard work. The combination comes across as funny, in an unintentional manner. All the close-ups belong to this category. Where Bellamkonda Sreenivas scores in action and dances. He is terrific on both the counts. It, therefore, makes sense that he picks action subjects, but even here less romance and drama should be kept as a priority. Maybe an action comedy?

Srinivas Mamilla’s Kavacham is the definition of what can be termed as brain-dead commercial entertainment. There is a make-believe happening of something big in store but everything fizzles out in the end and what we get is a highly predictable routine cliché.

Kajal Aggarwal and Mehreen are the heroines in the movie. Among the two Mehreen has a better role in that there is an empathy created for her character. Kajal does what she does in all her films and gets a couple of extra songs in fancy locations. Apart from the female leads, the movie is filled with recognisable actors. Neil Nitin Mukesh startsoff interestingly, but by the end, the character turns out to be a joke. Harshavardhan Rane and Mukesh Rishi are wasted. Harish Uttaman is given a proper beginning, but nothing happens afterwards. Satyam Rajesh is okay. Posani Krishna Murali is his usual self.

Sreenivas Mamilla tried to make it an out and out commercial entertainer that turned out to be an over the top cop thriller with needless fights and pointless punch dialogs. The film could have been subtler and simple without all the unnecessary stuff. None of the songs are impressive and the background score is needlessly thumping. Cinematography also makes it look like a nineties film. Production values are good, but the producer should have invested in a good script.

Final verdict of the film is Kavachm is a typical cop drama which works in parts. The interval twist is interesting but the narration could have been even better in the first half. The film has some elements to please the masses but for the A center and multiplex audience, this film will be another routine entertainer.