Chandra Babu Shifted His Focus On National Politics after Telangana Polls

Vastavam web: Now that the most hyped Telangana early polls have been wrapped up, the Mahakutami’s big leader CBN started concentrating on the Centre. With a primary mission to checkmate Modi and Amit Shah, Babu is planning something big in a couple of days. Having met some big leaders who are against the Indian Prime Minister Modi, CBN picked the date of December 10th as a special day to gather up all the anti-BJP leaders.

The AP Chief Minister to take his revenge on Modi-Amit duo started working for this special meet where the haters of Modi like AAM’s Kejriwal, Dewa Gowda and his son Kumaraswamy, Nitish Kumar, Mamata Banerjee and many other bigwigs are gracing this event in the capital New Delhi. The mission of this special meet is just to showcase the strength of anti-BJP alliance as a sign of their warning to the ruling party in the capital.