TDP and YSRCP afraid of Modi says Pawan Kalyan

Vastavam web: Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan has made his party’s intentions clear to attack the TDP and the YSR Congress Party in an aggressive manner. He called both the party leaders were greatly afraid of Modi for their own reasons. Pawan Kalyan, during his Anantapur tour, made a specific attack on Naidu saying AP CM became like a ‘Dhritharashtra’ and he started promoting his son Nara Lokesh in everything. In the coming weeks, Jana Sena will step up its activities to expose the TDP government and it is Jana Sena which is going to form the next government by defeating CBN, said Pawan.

Pawan Kalyan has also made a scathing attack on Jagan, saying he has badly failed to fulfill his duty as Opposition leader and failed to prevent the ruling party from continuing its excesses. Jana Senani said the YCP leader was obviously afraid of PM Modi because of his illegal assets cases. In the last few weeks, Pawan has been slowly increasing his attack on rival parties in AP.