Mahakutami ‘ad-campaign’ Sending Tremors To Pink Party

Vastavam web: Just left hardly 4 days for the elections, the neck to neck fight seems to be inevitable between the ruling party and the grand alliance of opposition party.Though the TRS party leaders are showing their confidence by always saying that they would pocket it in 100 seats for the upcoming general elections but deep inside the party is quite miffed with the proceedings of Congress-led Mahakutami.

Though everyone predicted that TRS would once again form the government but the situation now seems to be quite different. Mahakutami has created its own wave and the way it is going on before the elections are sending tremors to the ruling party. The unexpected mass ad-campaign of Mahakutami has given a big blow to TRS. The TV channels, media, hoardings and wherever you see everything is filled with advertisements of Congress-led Mahakutami.