Janasena plans to Clean Sweep Godavari districts

Vastavam web: Janasena party’s MLA candidate Pithani Bala Krishna made a key announcement yesterday. Political analysts opine that Janasena leaders, slowly but surely moving forward in right direction, especially regarding the political equation in Godavari districts. He belongs to Settibalija community, which has the population of more than 20 lakhs in Godavari districts alone. In fact, after Kapus, it is Settibalija community and SCs that dominate Godavari districts.

Pithani Bala Krishna seems to be on the same mission.He announced ‘Settibalija Maha Sabha’ on 11th November in Amalapuram. Earlier, PRP also tried to polarize these two communities by joining prominent leaders like Devender Gowd but that didn’t work out for various reasons. Godavari districts alone have 20% of total assembly seats in the state.