TDP-Congress alliance looks as Snake-Mongoose Friendship: KTR

Vastavam web: The IT Minister of Telangana, KT Rama Rao continued his brutal attack on Mahakutami rival parties TDP and Congress. KTR dared to declare that this alliance of TDP-Congress appeared as if a Snake and a Mongoose who are arch rivals forever have made friendship. Terming this friendship as a true sake of Political benefits, Rama Rao stated that TDP is in dire need to save itself from losing in the elections. He went on slamming CBN that this TDP Chief has backstabbed NTR for the second time by shaking hands with Congress, which is against NTR in his regime. Political analysts who are closely observing the TRS leaders’ speeches opine that the Pink camp are in a hurry to downplay the buzz associated with the anti-TRS alliance in Telangana.