‘Jaganasura’ defeat will be ensured by women: AP Women Empowerment Minister

Vastavam web: Women Empowerment Minister Paritala Sunita has made an unsparing attack on YCP President Jaganmohan Reddy. Sunitha has not hesitated to call YCP leader as ‘Jaganasura’ meaning ‘demon Jagan’. She says that any bad language is suitable for Jagan since what he speaks is ‘rakshas’ (demonic) language always. She reminded YCP leaders that women of AP performed the divine task of defeating and killing ‘Mahishasura demon’ in 2014 itself when Jagan was defeated by TDP. Sunitha asserts that their government is doing everything possible to help DWCRA women under ‘Pasupu-Kumkuma’ programme but Jagan is trying hard to create doubts in the minds of people.