M J Akbar resignation “victory of truth” says Congress

Vastavam web: The Congress Wednesday termed as “victory of truth” the resignation of union minister M J Akbar following charges of sexual harassment against him. Congress spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi said she saluted those women who stood on their charges against the minister bravely despite the “brazen” stance taken by the government. “This resignation is a vindication of the power of truth. More strength to India’s women,” she said. The Congress leader hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for what she said was his “silence” in the matter.

“I salute these women who stood their ground despite the brazen stance of the GoI, silence of the PM who speaks about women empowerment, the arrogant misuse of power by deploying a battery of lawyers against one woman and allowing the accused to continue in his role,” Chaturvedi said in a tweet. Alleging that using threat and intimidation as a tool to silence voices has become the norm of the Modi government, she said but this brazenness is returning to haunt them.

“The women of the country are saying the time for this is up&threat to silence voices can no longer be the norm or acceptable,” she said. “M J Akbar’s resignation is a moral victory for everyone. The defamation case can’t change that. The #MeToo movement needs support across party lines,” she tweeted.