Movie Review: DevaDas


OVERVIEW: Das(Nani) is a sincere doctor who gets kicked out of a corporate hospital and starts working at a private clinic. On the other hand, Deva(Nagarjuna) is a dreaded don who is on the run. During a gun fight with his enemies, Deva gets hurt and reaches Das’s hospital and gets treated there. This small meeting between Deva and Das turns into a deep friedship. As time passes by, one crucial incident regarding Deva and his mafia background causes a rift in the friendship. Rest of the story is as to how Das changes Deva into a good man and sets things right.

REVIEW: Nagarjuna and Nani are the two leads in the movie. The former plays a star, larger than life role whereas the latter is supporting emotional anchor. Coming to the individual parts, Akkineni Nagarjuna is a treat to watch in the movie. He is stardom personified. He hasn’t done anything new here that we haven’t seen before, but what he does onscreen he makes sure there is an unmissable aura and attitude around it.

Nani plays his usual middle-class guy types, but as always, he is in his elements. The contrast is important here for the narrative and that’s where Nani shines. As said before, he is the emotional anchor and for the movie to work, his act is important. He does his part well.

There are two heroines in the movie, Aakansha and Rashmika, and both are wasted. They have nothing sort of roles and less screentime. The songs are a bit of relief but that’s it. Kunal Kapoor is terribly wasted which is the same case with Vennela Kishore. The rest of the cast is filled with usual faces, Sathya, Naresh, Venu, Murali Sharma, Prudhvi, and Rao Ramesh, who all do their jobs adequately in the given small parts. In the recent, DevaDas must be the only biggie where there is a presence of so many known faces and yet none make a lasting impression.

Sriram Adittya is the writer and director of the movie. He was inspired by the film Analyze This and we can see that in the film. The changes made to the original were impressive and the film has an engaging as well as the entertaining story. The screenplay is nice but it could have been more gripping especially in the second half. The dialogues are good and generated a few laughs.

Music by Mani Sharma is alright with a couple of songs being really good. It is the background score where he stands out as is expected of him. The cinematography is neat. The editing is bad at times, otherwise, it is decent. The writing is alright.

Final verdict of the film is Over all, one should watch it for bromance between duo. Do not crave for story as the plot is regular. Emotional scenes go well with the family audience too. Give it a shot for Nag and Nani’s performances and for adequate comedy.