JC Diwakar Reddy open challenge to Kadiri CI

Vastavam web: The recent proceedings in the region of Anantapur and Kadiri regions have turned more violent these days. Ex-Minister JD Diwakar Reddy once again made news by waging a war with the local Police in a civil issue. He claimed that the Police ran away like hijras when the almost 200 people were indulged in a civil fight the other day. These comments were taken very seriously by the Khadiri CI and he arranged a press meet to warn the leader.

In his press meet, the CI Madhav declared that he would cut tongues of anyone who dares to call Police some names. Not stopping there, this furious CI with twirling his moustache warned JC to control his tongue or else he should face the heat from the Police.JC finally challenged the CI by asking him to come one on one fight with this Anantapur leader. JC extended this challenged until 25th of this month as he is leaving the region after that.