TRS has no role in formation of Telangana: Azad

Vastavam web: Political heat is picking up in Telangana as Congress virtually began a personal attack on TRS supremo and Chief Minister KCR. Congress Party national general secretary Ghulam Nabi Azad on Thursday said that KCR had cheated Congress party at the time of formation of separate Telangana and afterwards in various ways. f there is anybody who tells largest number of lies in the country now, it should be KCR, said Mr Azad, during his current visit to Hyderabad.

The people preferred to put KCR in charge of what he talked of reconstruction of the state. Azad, however, said that KCR gave countless promises and raised lots of aspirations but after coming to power, he deceived students, youth and all sections of people by pursuing only his power agenda. Azad also said that in double standards, nobody can beat KCR as his party was supporting BJP in the Parliament while appearing to criticise BJP party policies in the state. He asserted that it was Congress MLAs and MPs who fought and achieved Telangana state with KCR having no right to claim any credit.