Sterlite Tech looks 10 per cent global fibre market share by 2020

Vastavam web: Broadband technology provider Sterlite Tech is looking at commanding 10 per cent share of the global fibre market by June 2020, company’s chief executive Anand Agarwal said Monday. The company is also focussed on enhancing production capacity of optical fibre and optical fibre cables. “We are now looking to move fibre market share from 6-7 per cent to 10 per cent of global by June 2020,” Agarwal told.

Further, the company has announced to invest Rs 320 crore for expansion of optical fibre cable production. “We will invest Rs 320 crore in over period of two years to enhance our optical fibre cable (OFC) production from 18 million RKm to 33 million RKm by 2020,” Agarwal said. The company has OFC manufacturing unit in India, Europe and Brazil and optical fibre (from which OFC is made) plants in India and China.

“Our order book around same period last year was about Rs 2,700 crore. Now it has increased to around Rs 6,000 crore. Our current OFC production capacity is operating at 90 per cent. To meet demand we need to ramp up the capacity,” Agarwal said.