Movie Review: U Turn

RATING: 3.25/5

OVERVIEW: A young reporter Rachana (Samantha) becomes the prime suspect in a case related to a series of deaths. She informs the young police officer that she’s working on the news story and she has nothing to do with the deaths happening at RK Puram flyover. Initially, police don’t believe her story but later the young police officer (Aadhi Pinishetty) buys her version after watching a death that happens in front of his eyes. How Rachana with the help of this police officer clears the puzzle behind the deaths forms the main story.

REVIEW: Samantha Akkineni is superb in the role of investigative journalist Rachana. She did a great job and she is going great with her work after the marriage. Rahul Raveendran is nice in his limited role in the office of Rachana and also her crush. Aadhi Pinisetty as SI Nayak is great. He is one good actor who is being explored by filmmakers now. Bhumika is the backbone of the story and its narration and she did complete justice. If she had failed in doing justice, this movie would have failed. All other actors did a fine job in their roles.

Pawan Kumar is directing the movie for the second time. He has already made the same film in Kannada. U Turn is the second film he has made after Lucia, and it also thrills until the very end. There are confidence and energy in his direction. The frames and the progress are very crisp and engaging without much wastage.The story of U-Turn is thrilling and different from the rest of thrillers. Screenpay is well written without deviating from the point. Dialogues are good.

There are no songs in the movie, but the background sore given by Poorna Chandra Tejaswi is terrific. It elevates the whole proceedings to a new level. It helps in keeping the raciness alive. The cinematography is neat. The editing is tight for the most part.

Final verdict of the film is U-Turn is a suspense thriller that mainly banks on the performances of the lead cast and boy did they bring this movie to life. The likes of Samantha, Aadhi, and Rahul have shown a lot of dedication and that elevates the suspense drama even higher.