AIOCD call for strike on September 28 to oppose online medicine sale

Vastavam web: All India Organisation of Chemists and Druggist (AIOCD), announced that they plan to strike on September 28 to oppose online sale of medicines. “We are observing one day strike on Friday, September 28 to protest against any move by the government allowing sale of medicines through internet or allowing e-pharmacies to operate in India in any form,” AIOCD said in a statement here.

If the government does not consider our appeal positively then AIOCD shall not have any option but to go for nationwide indefinite agitation against online sale of medicine, AIOCD president JS Shinde said. We have made repeated appeals by memorandums to the government, concern ministers, and departments, state food and drug administration citing “numerous cases of illegal online sale of medicines” by so called e-pharmacies, and portals and observed twice a one day all India chemists bandh to sensitise the seriousness of this issue, Shinde said. We expect transparent open-minded policies and not ‘crony capitalism’, for few big players, he added.