Movie Review: C/o Kancharapalem

RATING: 3.5/5

OVERVIEW: The story is all about the village of Kancharapalem and people living in it. The movie is a collection of multiple stories. A story of a 50-year-old unmarried man who falls in love with a woman, the story of a man who falls in love with a prostitute and the story of a sculptor is presented in a beautiful manner. An intercaste love story and the problems they face are closest to reality and that is the reason C/o Kancharapalem is being highly talked about.

REVIEW: Raju is a government office clerk in a place called Kancharlapalem. Despite hitting 49, he is still unmarried and that obviously becomes a hot topic for everyone in the town. A woman named Radha arrives in Raju’s office after getting transferred from Orissa. She is 42 years old and a single mother of a 20 year old girl. She falls for the good nature of Raju and proposes to get married to him.

In the mean time, an eight standard school boy named Sundaram is entirely involved in love with his classmate Sunitha. This girl has a great voice and loves to sing. But her father doesn’t approve of this. After singing at independence day event in school, she is compelled to leave the place abruptly.

Coming to another character named Gaddam Babu, he works at a wine shop. Everyday a Muslim woman comes to his shop to buy a quarter of alcochol. Hhe falls in love with her. But one day he comes to realize that she is a prostitute.

The fourth story is about Joseph and Bhargavi who belong to different religions. Bhargavi’s Dad disapproves of their relationship and fixes her wedding with somebody else seeing the time Joseph is away in town.

Every actor is so natural. None of them are trained or have any experience behind them. They simply followed the instructions of the director and did whatever he asked them to do. Subbarao as Raju is superb. So is the kid Keshava. Mohan Bhagat and Karthik Ratnam are also aptly cast. Praneetha is very impressive as Bhargavi. Vijaya Praveena, who is also the producer of the film has played the bold character of a prostitute

Maha Venkatesh has picked up a very simple yet touching tale of love for his directorial attempt. The idea is to show it as natural as possible without having the cinematic dramatization or acting. It is along the lines of Malgudi Days, the classic TV series. It helps in giving the movie a unique feel.

The music of the film is kept keeping in view of the setting. The rustic appeal gives it a different flavour. The background score is fantastic and used excellently. The cinematography is of high quality barring few shows here and there. The editing is smooth. The writing is a major highlight.

Final verdict of the film is Care of Kancharapalem is a realistic slice of life film which has its heart in the right place. Love, comedy, earthy characters and sacrifice, this film has it all and touches every emotion perfectly. Venkatesh Maha makes a terrific debut and is the one to watch out for. Films like these are the need of the hour and need to be supported so that Telugu cinema reaches greater heights.