Movie Review: Nartanasala

RATING: 2.5/5

OVERVIEW: Paperboy is about a poor boy Ravi’s fascination towards a rich girl Dharani. Ravi, a B. Tech gradaute, works as a paperboy to help his working-class parents. Eventually his fascination towards Dharani turns as love. Dharani too likes Ravi’s self-respect, poetic heart. Dharani’s father, Rich and kind hearted Gadwal Reddy, accepts her proposal to marry Ravi. While everything going on happy note, her brothers arrive from USA.Rest of the story is about how her brothers try to disrupt marriage arrangements, how the couple overcome the hurdles.

REVIEW: Santosh Sobhan puts in a good performance. Though it’s his first film, he does well. On the contrary, heroine Riya Suman is not exactly on par with him. Though she gets Keerthi Reddy from Tholi Prema kind of presentation, her newness kills the romantic effect the writer had wanted to create.

Tanya Hope plays a small role, giving some hope to the characters. Annapurna puts in a natural performance and is her usual self. For those who like Bittiri Satyam, there is one particular scene that highlights his performance. Scenes showing Vidyullekha Raman as a food lover are getting very routine and boring. And Paperboy too tries to get some laughs out of her.

The story of Paperboy is nothing new. The screenplay is mediocre and the dialogues are good.Songs composed by Beems Cecerilio are good. Bombay pothava raja song is already a chart buster. He did a fine job in composing background score. Cinematography by Soundararajan is nice. He shot some colorful and rich visuals. Editing is okay and it could have been better. Art department has done a fine job. Production values are rich.

Final verdict of the film is Paperboy is a Rich Girl, Poor boy themed predictable love story with some refreshing treatment here and there. Until First half there are few impressive elements, but second half is quite boring.

— Panchajanya