Movie Review: Nartanasala

RATING: 2.5/5

OVERVIEW: When his wife was pregnant, Kalamandir Kalyan (Sivajiraja) had a deep yearning for a baby girl but the couple had been blessed with a baby boy (Naga Shaurya). Throughout the childhood, Sivaji raises the boy dressed like a girl which impacts the boy’s behavior. Naga Shaurya runs a self-defense training school for women. He loves an innocent girl Manasa ( Kashmira ), but webs into a one-way love triangle with Satya ( Yamini). Jayaprakash Reddy is the father of Satya, Naga Shaurya has been forced to stay at her home due to sivajiraja’s confusion. The love story turns crazier after JP’s son Ajay also falls in love with Naga Shaurya thinking he is gay. Rest of the story is about how the gay love story between Naga , Ajay turns out and what happens to the two girls Manasa, Satya who are in love with Naga Shaurya.

REVIEW: Naga Shaurya played the character of a gay in this film for the first time. Even though it is a controversial role, Naga Shourya played it well by not drawing any controversies and impressed in his part. His performance is going to be a highlight for the movie and his Chemistry with heroines is also good. Kashmiri Paradesi is good in terms of glamour and has put a decent performance in the film.

At the same time, Yamini Bhaskar also delivered a nice performance and impressed. Shivaji Raja also tried his best to come up with a good performance. All the other actors have played their parts well and did justice for the characters they were given.

The writing by the newcomee Srinivas Chakravarthy is not impressive. The movie lacks an interesting story and the director tried his best to include a social message in this poor story. The film also has good dialogues. On the whole, the writing is not upto the mark.

If there is anyone who has given his hundred percent effort in this mess of a film, it is Mahati Swara Sagar. He has given decent songs and a good background score. Only the scenes aren’t in sync with it. Usually, the opposite happens with bad works. The cinematography is patchy. Editing is bad. The writing, handled by the director, is hollow.

Final verdict of the film is ‘Naga Shourya’ fails to continue his success streak with Nartanasala. The film has a week storyline, insipid narration, and over the top emotions. The only solace of the film is the gay comedy which is good in bits and pieces.