TRS discussed pre-assembly polls, but no decision taken

Vastavam web: The ruling TRS in Telangana today said discussions had been held in the party on advancement of the assembly polls, but no decision had yet been taken. Telangana Minister for IT and Industries K T Rama Rao, while stating this, also said there would be no alliance with any party, including MIM. “Discussions are happening on many issues. There was also discussion on early elections. But ultimately as I said no decision has been taken on that. We will let you know when we take the decision,” Rao, son of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, told.

When his attention was drawn to remarks by Congress leaders on the early polls, he said the TRS is always prepared to face elections and seek the people’s mandate. “Typically the party in power will not lose or give away the time they can govern. Nobody wants to relinquish. Vice versa, the opposition will be desperate and want to unseat the incumbent government as soon as possible. But in Telangana it seems to be the complete opposite. Here TRS says we are ready for an election. Opposition seems to be asking questions like why do you want to go away for elections) so quickly, why not in April?.Its in a way funny,” he said.

He claimed that the party has 46 lakh workers and that even if half of them turn up, it would be a huge gathering. KCR is expected to announce some key decisions at the meeting. The TRS has booked 7,300 State Road transport corporation busses to ferry people to the venue from different parts of the state. Rao requested people to reschedule their travel plans as there would be shortage of public transport on that day. Asked to comment on the arrests of the five activists across the country for their alleged links with Maoists, he said the Telangana government had nothing to do with it and it is Pune police who did it.