RSS to invite Rahul Gandhi for Delhi event

Vastavam web: As per sources, The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is likely to invite Rahul Gandhi, to its event next month. So now, whether RSS will invite Rahul or not and if they invite, will Rahul attend or not is being discussed among political circles. The RSS event will be a lecture series and will reportedly focus on “India of the future”. It will be held between September 17 and 19 at Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi.

Apart from Rahul Gandhi, several other opposition leaders, like Sitaram Yechury of the Left, are also likely to be invited. It seems RSS wants to invite people representing different ideologies. Rahul is sharpest critic of RSS. RSS is a frequent target of attacks from Rahul Gandhi, several times in past. His latest comments made in London provoked a furious response from the BJP, which demanded an immediate apology from Rahul. RSS leaders also made sharp comments on him earlier.