Prashant Kishor New task For YSRCP Success In 2019 Elections

Vastavam web: Leading Elections strategist Prashant Kishor is still sailing with the YSRCP despite all the failures of YSRCP in the happened bi-elections of Nandyal. This time, PK is going a step further to try a new way of attracting MLAs from the TDP. Jagan has hired the North strategist PK investing a whopping sum on this young and leading political advisor. Prashant Kishor is concentrating on the TDP MLAs who are speculated to be denied ticket for one more term.  As per the survey of PK’s team members, almost 40 sitting MLAs of the TDP will be shown an empty hand by their National chief CBN. Such MLAs will be lured into the YSRCP by giving them a ticket straight away for their respective constituencies. Jagan is hopeful on this new strategy to cut down the vote bank of TDP in order to dethrone Babu from the CM chair.