Complaint on Bigg boss show to HRC, Babu condemns

Vastavam web: Rapolu Bhaskar, a high court lawyer, filed complaint on Bigg boss show in Human Rights Commission on the grounds of violation of human rights. He accused Bigg boss organizers are house-arresting 16 members and asking them to do irrelevant and meaningless tasks. He argued, the show is not doing any good to society but instead it is harming society. He requested human rights commission to intervene and direct the organizers to stop the show.

During the debate in the TV channel, in which the lawyer also was a participant, it was pointed out that one of the contestants (Syamala) left his kid who is less than one year old at house to participate in the show and depriving him from the feeding. Babu Gogineni, one of the contestants in this season, argued against the points raised by high court lawyer. He told, it is not a house arrest. It is evident that housemates are in fact fighting to continue in the house rather than leaving the house. So, Babu argued, there is no violation of human rights in the show.