Formidable alliance of opposition parties can defeat BJP in 2019: Chidambaram

Vastavam web: Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram has said that a formidable alliance of opposition parties can be stitched together to defeat the BJP and free India from the “reign of fear” in the 2019 Lok Sabha election. Chidambaram, however, avoided directly answering a question on the leadership issue or who would be the prime ministerial candidate of the alliance, saying it is a premature question. The former finance minister said the most important issue on which all opposition parties agree to is that the saffron party should be defeated.

“On that point, there is a convergence of views in many states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Bihar, etc. That convergence will bring together opposition parties and alliances will be formed state-wise,” Chidambaram told in an interview here. “We are moving away from the accepted democratic rights and democratic positions. This is a dangerous trend for the country. We wanted freedom (from British rule) because we want to live without fear. And today, a vast section of the country lives in fear and this has to end,” Chidambaram said.

Asked whether the Congress will replicate the Karnataka model, where despite being the largest party in the Congress-JD(S) alliance it gave away the CM’s post to JD(S) to keep the BJP at bay, he said it is too early to comment on it. “Karnataka was a state election. We talked about Karnataka after the election results were announced. Now, the major challenge is the Parliament election and eight months ahead of the polls, we can’t talk about what will happen after election. On reports of certain opposition parties like the Telangana Rashtra Samiti and the Trinamool Congress not being very comfortable with the Congress leading the front, Chidambaram said it is advisable to wait till the election and the alliance talks to begin.

Several opposition parties including the TMC and the TRS have expressed their reservation about working under the leadership of Congress President Rahul Gandhi, considered as a “junior politician”. Asked whether the TMC would be part of the Congress-led opposition alliance, as the Bengal Congress unit is not in favour of it, he said, “I am not competent to answer that question. But, I am sure when I say that all parties who are opposed to BJP and all who are keen to replace the BJP should come together and form the alliance, that’s the position I have stated. Let’s see what happens.”

Criticising the Centre on various issues ranging from incidents of lynching to anti-romeo squads, Chidambaram said that people have been either vegetarian or non-vegetarian for hundreds of years, but never ever were they lynched on the suspicion of keeping a particular meat in their house. “What is happening is serious erosion of democracy, serious erosion of freedom. This has to be stopped in the next Lok Sabha election,” he said. The senior Congress leader said that the Narendra Modi government was trying to undermine the success in delivering a better economic growth during the UPA 1 and 2 regime.