BJP using anti-TDP parties to damage Yellow camp

Vastavam web: The rivalry between the AP ruling party TDP and the Central party BJP is getting intensified day by day. The BJP biggies are now keen on using all the anti-TDP parties to cause more damage to the Yellow camp. Already BJP is holding talks with the YSRCP to strengthen their vote bank and to reduce winning chances for the TDP.

Recently, the Araku MP Aruna has turned against her ex-Chief CBN and formed a new party for the STs. Her main idea is to dent the ST votes of TDP to trouble the Yellow party. So BJP is concentrating on this new party and trying its best to include it into the alliance with YSRCP. Surveys still favor TDP despite all these odds in AP state. No party in AP is ready to join hands with the TDP so it has to fight alone.