Telangana CM plans for 3.70 crores of Eye Checkings

Vastavam web: Telangana Chief Minister KCR again takes another scheme for Telangana people. The Telangana government titled this scheme as ‘Kanti Velugu Padhakam’. He has started this scheme in Malkhazgiri and he gave a speech about this. “Until now, there is no one take up this type scheme. Lake of health knowledge and carelessness leads to diseases. So, we provide doctors for eye checkings about 3.70 crores of people. If there are any problems for anyone we provide free operations to them in 185 Eye hospitals, CM KCR said. There are only 8 months for elections, in the wake of this situation, this type of schemes may advantageous to KCR’s government. Recently, he gave lands to all Telangana political parties for a low price.