Movie Review: Geetha Govindam


OVERVIEW: Govind (Vijay Deverakonda) who works as a lecturer falls for a beauty Geetha (Rashmika). During their journey to their hometown in a bus, he accidentally plants a kiss on the lips of Geetha that creates rift between them.As fate would have it, a marriage alliance is fixed between Geetha’s brother and Govind’s sister. Their parents ask Geetha and Govind to do shopping together for the wedding for their respective siblings, what happens next between them is anyone’s guess.

REVIEW: Vijay Deverakonda is a talented actor who keeps it simple without overdoing anything. His casual approach to his role makes Govind an adorable character. He is a typical boy next door who doesn’t flex muscles and break into fights. He is superbly supported by Rashmika. They both have the maximum screen time and the terrific chemistry between them doesn’t bore the viewers at any point. Rashmika is a fantastic actress and the right fit for Geetha.

Subba Raju is okay in a supporting role. Rahul Ramakrishna shines with his style of humor. Vennela Kishore has a limited but hilarious role to play. Nithya Menen’s cameo is interesting and Anu Emmanuel appears in a scene.

Production values by Geetha Arts are top notch as they have spent what is required for the film. The cinematography takes things higher as every frame in the film looks quite rich. Music by Gopi Sundar is superb and his background score suits the mood of the film. Dialogues are simple and easy to connect and so were the lyrics of the film.

Coming to the director Parasuram, he has done an impressive job with the film. His story is simple but he packaged it nicely with worthy entertainment and showcased Vijay in an amazing manner which will win the hearts of the audience in a big way. The way he extracts performances from the lead pair and generates good chemistry is where the film clicks.

Final verdict of the film is Geetha Govindam has a trite storyline, but the director keeps you engaged with lovable scenes between the lead pair and good comedy, especially during the latter part of second half. Vijay Deverakonda’s characterization and youthful comedy elements are the USP of this film.