I was afraid to play the role of Mamata : Anushka Sharma

Vastavam web: Actress Anushka Sharma, who is gearing up for the release of her forthcoming film ‘Sui Dhaaga’, says she was afraid to play the role of Mamata in the movie. The actress said she loved the script, but she declined to play the character. “When Sharat came to me with the script, I was excited to read it. I loved that Yash Raj was making the film but still, I said no at first. “I could not understand how I would play this character.

So I was afraid and I told him I don’t think I can do this character.” Anushka also says that only reason she agreed to do the film is because the film’s director and producer had faith in her. “Maneesh and Sharat were extremely convinced that I was the right person to play this character. Sharat even visited my house and he told me how he sees the character and why he thinks I am actually the right fit. “To be honest I went with his faith in me more than my own faith in myself. And I am so happy that I actually did the film and I am so proud that I have played this character,” she said.