Dil Raju Decided Not To Touch Family Films Again

Vastavam web: After scoring a hit with ‘Shathamanam Bhavathi’, Satish Vegesna helmed another family entertainer ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’ under the production of Dil Raju. Though the makers were confident that the movie will become a hit, it received a negative talk on the opening day (August 9th). Shocked to see the negative reviews, Dil Raju got deeply disappointed and had flown to Goa by catching the 3 PM flight. He even decided not to touch family films again.

Though the youth are saying that the film is boring, ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’ struck the chord with the family audience who commented that the film is a delight. Some people commented that the film has the shades of ‘Shathamanam Bhavathi’. Director Satish Vegesna also responded and said both the films are set against village backdrop and apart from that there are no common elements.