Movie Review: Vishwaroopam 2

RATING: 2.25/5

OVERVIEW: The story begins post the events of the first part (released in 2013). Wisam Ahmed Kashmiri (Kamal Haasan) along with his wife Nirupama (Pooja Kumar), assistant Ashmitha (Andrea Jeremiah) and others flies to the UK on a new mission and on the way he reminiscences about his past. The screenplay then intercuts to the events that happened in Afghanistan and also the hero’s past and the answer to the question as to who he really is, emerges. The rest of the screenplay deals with how his old nemesis Omar (Rahul Bose) poses a grave threat to him, his family and world peace and whether the hero can outwit him or not.

REVIEW: First half kicks off with an interesting start and people feels like it might have something exciting to be must watched, but sadly that excitement short lives. Within no time merely after 30 minutes of the movie, the story and narration goes nowhere. It becomes hard to understand what is going on the screen for whole one hour. At the interval, there is an under-water scene which doesn’t match the hype generated about it.

Story shifts to Delhi suddenly in the second half. Meanwhile, Omar kidnaps both nirupama and ashmita, who is the second leads in the film. Few action scenes incorporated this time which feels like nothing much to say in the movie they have inserted forcefully, Afhghanistan flashback was good. At some point we felt it is directionless and story less.Laggy dialogues tests patience. Conversations are hard to understand.

Kamal Haasan who is known as the greatest performer is just okay in this role, goes overboard mostly. His dialogues, his jokes are hard to comprehend. His dialogues are superb.Among other cast members, Rahul Bose as main terrorist appears for a brief time. Sekhar Kapoor is good.Pooja Kumar and Andrea are just okay. Waheeda Rehman’s performance as mother is endearing.

Production values of the film are decent as the terrorist set up and the way agents operate has been showcased on a good note. Music is a disaster and the background score is also stuck five years back which does not elevate the film. Camera work is top notch as the locales have been showcased on a good note. Telugu dubbing is decent.

Coming to the director Kamal Haasan, he has done a disappointing job with the sequel. Instead of making it bigger and better, he has just dragged the simple story further and created another assignment for his cop character. Apart from showcasing some thrills in the first half an hour, Kamal makes the later part weak and wraps up things in a tizzy.

Final verdict of the film is Vishwaroopam-2′ could have been a much better movie with mainstream writing. Slow pace, jarring narration, and half-hearted mixture of masala and nuance are found.On a whole, this film is no match to Vishwaroopam1. Kamal Hassan’s effort goes in vain for sure.