Movie Review: Srinivasa Kalyanam

RATING: 2.5/5

OVERVIEW: Vasu (Nithin) and Sri (Raashi Khanna) fall in love and their love is accepted by both the parents. However, Sri’s father (Prakash Raj) who owns a business empire asks him to sign a pre-marital agreement, as he sees every relationship like another business transition, he thinks about ‘exit’ before ‘entering.Vasu agrees if Sri’s father also says okay to his condition. The condition is, he has to participate in every ritual and custom of his daughter’s wedding putting aside his business affairs.What happens then forms the rest of the drama.

REVIEW: Nithiin and Rashi Khanna have played the lead pair in the film. Both have come up with decent performances in the movie. The chemistry between the lead cast is perfect and on point. Nandita Swetha shined in yet another interesting role in the film. Jaya Sudha is brilliant in her role and she has delivered a nice performance. Prakash Raj, Rajendra Prasad, and Amani are decent in their roles. The rest of the cast delivered impressive performance and made their presence felt.

Vegesna Satish follows similar family drama template of Shatamanam Bhavati again. That film talked about the importance of taking care of parents in their old age and this one glorifies the traditional wedding. Besides impressive dialogue and a few melodramatic scenes that strike chord with the female audience, Srinivasa Kalyanam is a pretty ordinary film with routine setup and situations. Director doesn’t present it in a fresh way as it runs on a predictable note from start to finish.

Music by Mickey Meyer is good. A couple of songs stand out and the background score also is alright. Sameer Reddy’s camera captures the scenic beauty of Godavari districts in an impressive way. Dialogues are good in parts. Production values are decent.

Final verdict of the film is ‘Srinivasa Kalynam’ is a film filled with elaborate wedding celebrations with no soul. A preachy movie with exaggerated emotions. It is like watching someone’s wedding cd for two hours forcibly.