Virat Kohli is is close to being a legend: Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Vastavam web: At the helm during Virat Kohli’s transition from a gifted youngster to a seasoned master, Mahendra Singh Dhoni today said the current India skipper is close to being a legend for all the brilliance he has shown in the last few years.”He (Kohli) is the best, and has already reached a status, where he is close to (being) a legend. So I am very happy for him. And the way he has batted everywhere and in the last few years, he has just been brilliant,” Dhoni, who is the brand amabassador and mentor of an app ‘Run Adam’, said at the launch.

The former skipper complimented his one-time deputy for his batting exploits. Kohli played all his cricket under Dhoni’s captaincy and blossomed from a talented teenager into a world beater.”He keeps taking the team forward and that is what you want from a leader. So all the best to him,” Dhoni said.

The dashing keeper-batsman also cleared the air about his international future making it clear that he is going nowhere till the 2019 World Cup in England.There were rumours about his retirement when TV cameras spotted him asking for the match ball after final ODI that India lost to England last month but today Dhoni revealed that he was merely doing his homework for next year’s mega event.”After 50 overs, the ball is useless to the ICC (International Cricket Council), so I requested the umpire ‘Can I get the ball and gave it to the bowling coach?'”

“We need to work on it as to how we can get it more scuffed up so that we can get a bit of reverse swing going, that will in-turn help the fast bowlers get those yorkers or wickets in and around the 40th over mark. That would really help us restrict the opposition by not getting too many runs in the last 10 overs.” Asked how India can win the Test series, having lost the opener in Birmingham by 31 runs, Dhoni’s take was simple.\

Dhoni also shed light on the calming effect the presence of his daughter Ziva, who has was a regular feature at the IPL matches he played his season. “Irrespective of whether I like it or not she (Ziva) gets a lot of attention and the thing is wherever I go people ask about her. It’s good to have somebody like her around, which is, who is a live-wire,” he said. “It feels good to have somebody around who can ease on the stress, it’s good to have her. She is hardly three and half years and she has her own character, she talks in a particular way and it’s good to have a daughter always around,” he added.