Movie Review: Goodachari


OVERVIEW: Arjun (Adivi Sesh) gets recruited into a spy organization after repeated applying for the job. He is inducted into Trinetra, a secret service bureau that recruits him for a mission. He soon becomes an agent.On the very first day as an agent, a minister gets killed, his girlfriend (Sobhita) is killed and all fingers point out that he’s behind this.He is on the run to find out who the mole in Trinetra is and who actually killed his father in his childhood. As he goes on the mission, many secrets come out.

REVIEW: Adivi Sesh is a sincere actor with great ambitions. Whatever he does, he puts everything into it. The effort is more when he is part of the project from the scratch. Adavi Sesh does everything that the character requires with diligence and great attention. There is nothing to complain about his side apart from one thing and that is something that either one gets over time or not at all. That is the screen presence. Adavi Sesh lacks in that department which could have elevated the character further. If Kshanam and Goodachari are anything to go by then he better work hard on that aspect.

Shobitha Dulipala performs her character with a lot of ease and sincerity. Prakash Raj justifies with his role. Vennela Kishore,Madhu Shalini, Ravi Prakash and others perform accordingly.

The film’s subject requires massive money, but the team has made the movie with modest budget. Despite budget constraints, it boasts ofhigh quality visuals.The cinematography is top-class. Shaneil Deo has captured the mood well for this action spy thriller with his camera.Sri Charan Pakala’s background score has elevated the tense mood. Art work is excellent. Editing is racy. Dialogues are neat.

Final verdict of the film is Goodachari is the coming together of a good story, screenplay and performances. Adivi Sesh as a writer is setting a benchmark for his films. He excelled in both writing and acting.