Kamal Hassan gave fantastic offer to Amit Tiwari

Vastavam web: On Friday telugu Bigg Boss show, Vishwanatudu Kamal Hassan entry has mesmerized all housemates. In the moment of Kamal entry, Kaushal has touched feet and hug him, and all housemates do as like that one by one. Amith has whistled a tune of Kamal film, Geetha has sung ‘Priyathama Neevachata Kushalama’ song,  Nuthan Naidu has told a lengthy dialogue about people and politics, Roll Rida has rapped about Vishwaroopam2, and Kaushal has asked Kamal for walking like in Bhartheeyudu and Kamal has walked like that for housemates. Kamal Haasan has made good conversation with all housemates and discusses rationalism with Babu Gogineni.

As well as, Kamal Hassan has given a fantastic offer to one of the housemates. The offer is No elimination for two weeks and he said, I don’t know about anyone in the house, I’ll give my power to mostly weak one and I can’t say is my opinion right or wrong. So, finally, Kamal sir has selected Amith has the winner. Though, in this house situations, it is marvelous luck to Amith.