Telangana Crossed the limit of Aadhaar Access

Vastavam web: The website ( was created to implement few Government Schemes using Aadhaar. Few Revenue Officials in Telangana have been given access to the website. Central Govt Officials raised concerns over the privacy of Aadhaar data after this development. UIDAI restricted 586 Tahsildars and RDOs from having access to its website to end the practice. After stopping the access for two days, UIDAI has given the permission for Telangana Revenue Officials to use the website. Instructions were given that the access to website can’t exceed a certain limit. In Telangana, There are more number of Aadhaar Cards than People. While the total population is 3,84,72,769, As many as 3,86,36,890 Aadhaar cards exist.