AP new BJP-incharge tweeted about the TDP failure

Vastavam web: It is known news that Sunil Deodhar recently appointed as AP BJP in-charge.He posted a tweet straightly aiming at TDP government’s biggest weak point, i.e. development concentrating only to a few pockets in the state. He posted a video about the tragic incident happened in Vizianagaram district. A heavily pregnant woman had to be carried for 12km in a hand-made basket from her home deep inside the forests of Vizayanagaram district after she went into labour. Jindamma, the 22-year-old woman, then gave birth to a baby boy midway who died even before they could reach to an ambulance.

Sunil Deodhar posted this video in his twitter and asked, ” What does #AndhraPradesh Social Welfare and Tribal Welfare Minister Nakka Ananda Babu has to say on this ? When will @ncbn government look beyond #Amaravati ?”. Another surprising thing is Telugu media, that usually highlight and make it big issue when these kind of incidents happen outside Telugu states kept mum or downplayed this issue.