Australian politician apologised for foul language at mayor

Vastavam web: A senior Australian politician apologised today after a torrent of foul language he unleashed at a female mayor sparked accusations of misogyny.Health Minister Greg Hunt, who has been spoken of as a possible future prime minister, let rip at Fay Miller, the mayor of the northern town of Katherine, during a meeting in December.As well as swearing, he was accused of intimidating her by wagging his finger in her face.

Hunt only apologised after Miller wrote a letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull highlighting his “unwarranted, disrespectful and unacceptable behaviour”.Hunt’s outburst against Miller came when she suggested more funding to deal with contamination arising from the use of fire-fighting foam in her region.He replied that she would need to take it up with Northern Territory senator Nigel Scullion.

Miller said in her letter to Turnbull that at that point, she told Hunt “Senator Scullion comes to Katherine but I don’t see him”. Miller wrote that Hunt had used abusive language.Miller told ABC radio Hunt’s next two sentences also contained the F-word.”And I thought, ‘Really?’ I hadn’t said a word, not a word at this stage, because I was in such a state of shock at what he was saying.” Asked by the ABC how she found Hunt’s attitude, Miller replied: “That was misogynist.” Former prime minister Julia Gillard famously accused her opposition counterpart Tony Abbott of misogyny in a fiery parliamentary speech in 2012 that went viral.