I became famous when Amitabh Bachchan’s kids sought autograph: Shroff

Vastavam web: Actor Jackie Shroff, who ruled the silver screen in the ’90s, says he realised he had become famous when megastar Amitabh Bachchan’s children came up to him for an autograph.The 63-year-old actor said he was shooting in Chennai and Bachchans had booked an entire top floor of a five-star hotel he was also staying in.

“I asked the waiter what time does he (Bachchan) come, because I really wanted to meet him. But I find his kids coming to take my autograph. I said, ‘Wow, here I am waiting to see Bachchan sir and his kids want my autograph!’ I realised then that I had become famous,” Shroff said.”My father said that I will be an actor but I scoffed at him. I wondered, ‘How can a boy from Teen Batti (Mumbai) become an actor?’ I went to a hotel to become a chef and then tried becoming a flight attendant but no one took me.

“I then worked in a travel agency and got into advertising and modelling after someone spotted me. So I started doing ads. I did ‘Charminar’ ad, because of which I got two films. Dev Anand saab gave me my first film and then I got “Hero”.”I used to live in Teen Batti. We used to have a queue for the washroom, what did we have? A cot, that too for ‘aai-baba’. We slept on the floor. So what came to me, has been more than enough.”

Shroff will next be seen in “Phamous”, directed by Karan Lalit Butani.The film, also starring Jimmy Sheirgill, Kay Kay Menon and Pankaj Tripathi, is set in Chambal with a power struggle between four principal characters forming the crux of the story. The film releases on June 1.