‘Deadpool 2’ writers respond to criticism of female characters in movie

Vastavam web: “Deadpool 2” may have mostly received positive reviews but the writers have been called out for how they handled the female characters in the recently-released movie.Paul Wernicke and Rhett Reese, who co-wrote the script with lead actor Ryan Reynolds, said they thought killing off Wade Wilson aka Deadpool’s fiancee Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) would come across as a strong motivation factor for the antihero to set out on his journey.Addressing the criticism, Reese told Vulture, “We didn’t know what fridging was. We didn’t even think about it. And that was maybe our mistake, not to think about it.”

The duo also admitted that an early draft had Vanessa split with Deadpool rather than die, but someone pointed out that killing her would drive the character to go full throttle when he has everything taken away from him.”The thought was maybe we can really, really engender great suffering for him by having his line of work be the thing that costs Vanessa her life,” Reese said.”I would say, in our defence, the only thing that really is important, the only thing that Deadpool cares about, is Vanessa.He said the decision was not “consciously sexist” as it may appear when the film moves ahead.

“… Cable loses his family as well, but again, the desire was to give a motivation… and have it be a parallel motivation that they both lost their family, and they’re both trying to kind of find their way in the world without them.” Reese stated that they are proud of the diverse female characters of Domino and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.