Narendra Modi government keeping people away from the reality: Yechury

Vastavam web: General Secretary Sitaram Yechury today accused the Narendra Modi government of keeping people away from the reality and called upon all secular parties to join hands to oust the NDA government at the Centre.”Like Manmohan Desai’s formula films, Modiji keeps people away from the reality by giving a new slogan everyday. People do not find time to think about the slogan given the previous day,” Yechury said at a seminar on “Role of Left in Current National Situation”.

Minority communities and Dalits were being attacked in the BJP-ruled states, he alleged.The senior CPI(M) leader also denounced the Modi government’s economic policies.”The Centre went on making money when international crude oil price was low. Instead of taking steps to control the price of fuel, Modiji gives slogans like Make In India, Start Up India, Stand Up India and many more,” he said.”The Government of India figures say that only one per cent of population has 73 per cent of wealth in India. The rest are left for exploitation,” he said adding that the central government waived loans of about Rs 2 lakh crore for the corporate while it wasn’t ready to give relief on farm loan which is worth only Rs 1 crore.

“Now, the Centre has allowed Walmart to acquire Flipkart. This will affect about 20 per cent of the country’s population. This may also add to the rise in the rate of farmer suicides in the country,” Yechury claimed.Charging the BJP of not keeping the promise of providing jobs to two crore people every year, he said three major Information Technology companies had announced to go for massive retrenchment.

Banks were being looted and the value of their NPA was about Rs 11.5 lakh crore, he claimed.He also criticised India’s inclination towards the US and Israel. “The US-Israel-India axis could pose a great threat to the India’s philosophy. All Indians in Gulf nations will be in danger,” Yechury claimed.On Modi’s remark on Rahul Gandhi’s statement on becoming prime minister if the Congress emerges as the single-largest party in the next general elections, Yechury said, “I do not find any wrong in it. If his party emerges the single largest party, there is nothing wrong for the Congress president to become prime minister.”