Movie Review: Mehbooba

RATING: 2.5/5

OVERVIEW: Hyderabadi Boy Roshan (Akash Puri) and Lahore girl Afreen (Neha Shetty) often recall their past life in dreams. The dreams haunt them even after they grown up. Roshan helps Afreen who is in Hyderabad to pursue higher studies and they start liking each other. Afreen parents bring her back to hometown in Lahore.Meanwhile in an interesting scene, Roshan comes to know that Afreen’s past life is real. The previous birth’s roles of them are interesting. Why they could not fulfill their dreams in the past life etc forms the remaining story.

REVIEW: Aakash looks confident on screen, and his voice is a major asset along with the height. The combined effect comes handy during the action scenes as they look good when done currently. The problem is the lack of charm and confidence and an attitude that helps generate a screen presence. It could be improved further. For the first film as a proper hero, Aakash is alright.

Director Puri Jagannadh is in a bad patch, and he too seems to be aware of it. We can observe that fact for the most part where the director reigns in his usual eccentricities and sticks to a cohesive narrative. The hostel scenes, for example, involving heroine or the pub sequence, Puri Jagannadh doesn’t let them go overboard. The loudness is also toned down. There is a restraint which helps in creating an impact when the Puri mark dialogues are delivered. It is also the reason why the movie feels unusually slow for a Puri Jagannadh film.

Neha Shetty made a debut in Tolywood with good acting and glamour.Vishu Reddy has done superb as a an villain.Murali Sharma as heroine’s father and Shiyaji Shinde as Hero’s father have done justice to their roles.

Songs composed by Sandeep Chowta are good. Lyrics are also written well to sync well with the sound and situations. Background score is also composed well. Cinematography by Vishnu Sharma is nice. He has shot some beautiful visuals. Editing by Junaid Siddiqui is fine. Action sequences and stunts are composed well. Art department has done a nice job. Production values are rich.

Final verdict of the film is Mehbooba is a good story which is let down by some uneven execution. While Akash Puri shows some good prospect, the film as a whole is slow, over the top and has an unappealing love story.

                                    — panchajanya