China’s ruling Communist party using virtual reality test to check member loyalty

Vastavam web: China’s ruling Communist party is using a unique virtual reality test to check the loyalty of its members and determine whether they possess qualities required for the party membership, the official media here reported today. Members of the CPC in Qingyang town, Binzhou city, in East China’s Shandong Province appear to be the first to be required to take loyalty tests using VR gear, state-run Global Times quoted a report by the news website,

The test of dangxing, literally meaning party spirit, refers to the qualifications a party member must have, including loyalty to the CPC, willingness to contribute to the people and the Party, and being a role model.The test included questions on party theory, members’ daily life and their understanding of the party’s “pioneering role.”

Party members were asked questions like “Do you agree that if you are not corrupt you will be marginalised?” The test results were said to determine party members’ weak point, and they could then receive a consultation from experts of the party schools of Binzhou and Qingyang, who provided face-to-face or remote counselling and guidance, the report said.Dangxing tests should be used to find out how to enhance CPC members’ political quality and their capabilities to serve the people, and also how to promote local development, Cai said.