Movie Review: Naa Peru Surya

RATING: 2.75/5

OVERVIEW: After doing a string of masala films, Allu Arjun steps into a patriotic drama in which he plays a soldier with anger management issues. Successful writer Vakkantam Vamsi made debut as director with Naa Peru Surya – Naa illu India. Allu Arjun as soldier is the main highlight of this action packed patriotic drama.

Surya is a Soldier who gets suspended due to his Anger Management issues. The only dream of this Hot-Blooded Youngster is to breath his last at the border while fighting for the country. To get his job back, He need to be certified as fit for the Army by Psychologist Ramakrishna Raju (Arjun). Did Surya get back into the Army & make his dream come true? Do watch ‘Naa Peru Surya’ in theatres near you to know the story of a Soldier who is so patriotic and ready to die for his country!

REVIEW: Allu Arjun is at his best in the role of an army officer and it can easily be ranked as one of his best performances. His intense performance is the backbone of this movie. The film has some of the finest actors like Arjun, Boman Irani and Sarath Kumar. Yet, it is Allu Arjun’s strong performance that is the main highlight. Showing temper, he gets the act right in emotional scenes.

Anu Emmanuel has a very little role to play in the film. She is good within her limitations. Arjun is aptly cast in a dignified role as psychology professor. Sharath Kumar’s character is under developed in spite of a terrific introduction scene. Sai Kumar, Rao Ramesh, Nadhiya, Vennela Kishore and Posani are good in their respective supporting roles.

Vakkantam Vamsi made an honest attempt to make a meaningful film for his debut. Naa Peru Surya is a subject that can be done in a total commercial way by playing to the galleries. In spite of having certain commercial elements, Vamsi remained loyal to the theme of the film. He made it an emotional and more personal film rather going for masala stuff. He did well in getting the characterization of Surya right. There are ample scenes that stand out and prove his capabilities as a filmmaker. However, he couldn’t run the film in a gripping way. There are many instances where the screenplay goes haywire. The screenplay is one-dimensional and gets preachy towards the end.

Music is strictly average. A couple of songs are good on screen, but they lack the mass appeal that is associated with an Allu Arjun’s album. Cinematography is very good. Cameraman did a wonderful job in capturing the real locations of military episodes.

Final verdict of the film is Naa Peru Surya is patriotic drama which is deals with the subject of fighting your own anger and using it in a right way. Allu Arjun leads from the front with his career-best performance and carries the film on his shoulders.