Putin and Emmanuel Macron called for ‘strict’ observance of Iran nuclear: Kremlin

Vastavam web: Russian President Vladimir Putin and French leader Emmanuel Macron today called for the “strict observance” of the current Iran nuclear accord, with US President Donald Trump still deciding whether to scrap the agreement.”The Presidents of Russia and France spoke in favour of keeping the Plan and its strict observance,” the Kremlin said, referring to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.Trump faces a May 12 deadline to decide on the fate of the Iran nuclear accord and is demanding changes that European capitals believe would represent a legal breach.

On Sunday, US National Security Advisor John Bolton said the mercurial US president had not yet decided whether to scrap the accord.Macron has earlier proposed an additional deal that extends Iran’s nuclear restrictions.Russia has said that there was “no alternative” to the agreement and that Iran’s position was on the issue was paramount.