Movie Review: Avengers : Infinity War


OVERVIEW: Marvel’s biggest ever creation, Avengers- Infinity War raised the expectations with some adrenaline-pumping trailers in a never before seen manner. The story is Thanos sets on a destructive mission and intends to wipe out half of the world’s population. All he needs are 6 infinity stones through which he can attain the power to destroy every living soul without a trace. Can Avengers stop Thanos from doing the unthinkable? Is assassinating Marvel’s most powerful villain to date so very simple? Can a person single-handedly threaten the existence of humanity? To find out the answers, watch the movie on the big screen.

REVIEW: It would only be fair to say that Thanos is the most powerful villain that Marvel has ever created. His aggression, greed, ruthlessness send jitters down the spines of the viewers. He is so very powerful that he can absolutely slaughter any superhero with his fist. Josh Brolin breathes life into the character and exceptional CGI works that have gone into the presentation of his character deserve a special mention.

Surprisingly, this sequel to the Avengers is all about emotions and love. The interesting thing is that the makers managed to give goosebump moments with every lead character in the movie. The Climax is superbly executed and all hardcore Marvel fans will feel quite emotional after watching the proceedings.The director duo, Anthony Russo, and Joe Russo stayed true to their idea of keeping emotions intact. Their visionary ticked all the right boxes as the viewers are engaged in the movie right from the word go. The fact that this movie is a larger than life creation is constantly portrayed on the big screen, thanks to the immense detailing that has gone into the making of the movie.

The music director Alan Silvestri brings a great deal of authenticity to the proceedings with his BGM in emotional scenes.The CGI work is just stunning and lives up to all the expectations of a Marvel movie. The visualization of Thanos and other key roles has come out brilliantly and the technical team deserves the credit for this.

Final verdict of the film is Avengers: Infinity war is unlike any other Avengers movie where the protagonists come on top every time.However, the movie has its own share of issues and ends as a decent watch for those who have not watched the previous movies from the Avengers.