Ramgopal Varma claims Allu Aravind’s Allegations

Vastavam web: The allegations of casting couch in Telugu film industry, brought to light by anchor-turned-actor Sri Reddy, took another murky turn director Ramgopal Verma making a self-proclamation that he had ‘instigated’ the actor to target Pawan Kalyan.On Thursday, RGV confessed on video and Twitter that he was the one who instigated Sri Reddy to make comments against actor Pawan Kalyan.Later Allu Aravind held a media briefing to talk about how RGV has been targeting Pawan Kalyan and the rest of the Mega family.

He said RGV is an intelligent but crooked person,” said Aravind, who also addressed the issue of a money settlement which RGV brought up on behalf of Suresh Babu.Further, Aravind asked RGV how he would mobilise Rs 5 crore to give to Sri Reddy. “I know your financial position and who is funding you. Behind all your actions, there is a big conspiracy to target Pawan Kalyan and the Mega family,” he said.

Now Ram Gopal Varma offered a detailed explanation to each and every comment/allegation made against him by Allu Aravind.

Allu Aravind: I Discussed Sri Reddy issue many times and participated in two meetings.

RGV: You reacted in Pawan Kalyan matter, not in Sri Reddy’s issue.

Allu Aravind: Varma doing injustice to Tollywood.

RGV: By abusin Pawan Kalyan , I did injustice to Myself.

Allu Aravind: Where and How RGV get Rs 5 crore he offered to Sri Reddy?

RGV: I said that amount would be offered convincing Daggubati Family for settlement.

Allu Aravind: Sri Reddy was used as a pawn to take grudge on PK and his Fans.

RGV: No Filmmaker would dare to be in the bad books of crores of Pawan Fans.

Allu Aravind: if ladies in your family were abused in a similar manner in your presence? How you feel?

RGV: Never did I use any cuss word..you can enquire with anybody. I explained about that particular situation in the video.

Allu Aravind: This is a conspiracy to damage the reputation of Pawan Kalyan

RGV: who am I to reduce his stature? There is nobody behind Me.

Allu Aravind: Ram Gopal Varma is a crook.

RGV: I respect Aravind garu and what I have done is unpardonable mistake. I apologise to Pawan, Fans and Mega Family. I promise on My Mother that I won’t make a single negative comment against Pawan kalyan again.