I influenced Sri Reddy to talk about Pawan Kalyan: RGV

Vastavam web: Ram Gopal Varma came out with a sensational video of taking full responsibility for the word, Sri Reddy used against Pawan Kalyan and apologised to him and his family, fans.I noticed her moves and thought she is reckless. But when she did the nude protest, I saw a person with raw determination to bring this issue to the public eye.She refused for any settlement and said that he will fight it out in court. He was adamant that law of land will take it’s course. I out of my love for the family wanted to settle the matter for Rs. 5 crores.

But her refusal stunned me and she said she is determined to take this movement forward. Then I asked her to take a top star name and call him, like how Arjun Reddy did in the film.When she refused and wanted to take the moment, I thought this would be the right type of guidance to call a big star such a word and thought Sri Reddy and Pawan Kalyan will not take it to heart.But this caused for a huge unrest among the public and her movement has been snubbed. She couldn’t express it properly in her video and as a senior, I am making this video, to accept my mistake. I salute her refusing 5 crores deal and apologise to her, Pawan Kalyan, his family and fans for causing such grievance.”